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Gadgets for boys
Usually women are blamed for being addicted to different ďuselessĒ stuff. In fact men also have their toys and games. There are plenty of things they are ready to discuss forever. Among favorite topics one could emphasize are cars, watches, sex and gadgets. Almost each respected man is interested in electronics. They know all news about cell phones, music players, computers and software, video and photo cameras, USB and other stuff of this kind. Exactly for such electronics geeks was developed. There one can find the hottest news of gadget world. Moreover, you can discuss the matteÍ by leaving your comments. At the same time if we are not able to answer you question, what is rather unlikely, we are sure that somebody of siteís regular visitors will help you. Now you donít need to view a big quantity of sites and waste so precious time in order to find information you need.
The thing that is really important is that all the information from is selected by our specialists. We place only those gadgetsí descriptions which are really worth your attention. You wonít be irritated by useless stuff which you can find at other sites. Thatís why we consider that youíll be surprised when visiting it. Moreover, you can settle such eternal problem as gifts are. Each year you scratch you head what present to choose for you friend, relative or co-worker. You can get rid of this by charge it with us. After reading a brief but pithy release you will be aware of all novelties and which of tem you can present to a certain person.
Youíll always go with the times. Be sure that you children will never blush for you, vice versa, they will be proud of such progressive parents.
The site is for people all ages, but you should note that itís for men only. But of course, if some fair sex stranger will appear at our site by chance, weíll be only happy.
The opinion that all these electronics stuff is about boyís interest is rather wide-spread even in modern and developed society. Meanwhile, modern girls do differ greatly from their elder sisters and mothers. And itís rather natural, because they are almost surrounded with different electronics. Modern girls are really interested in high-tech devices, and sometimes they are even more aware in novelties than youngsters. Nevertheless even ďtechĒ girls should remain girls. Thatís why is the site which was developed specially for female gadget addicted. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality and fresh information give detailed gadgetís description and find the tools special for women. Moreover, we give the opportunity to leave a comment to everybody who is active. You shouldnít be a ďtechĒ girl for being interested in this kind of information. Businesswomen, housewives and any common woman begin using more and more gadgets. Sometimes itís rather tricky to understand how it works and what buttons you should press in order to find the function you need. When reading instructions you also canít clear up some important details or you understand absolutely nothing. Usually your partner is out or ďvery busy to explain you plain thingsĒ. Just for these cases was created. There you can find not only some useful tips on how to deal with your new device, but fashion tips too. Are you surprised? Modern woman is not only clever and independent representative of society. She is also a very-very-very stylish. Youíll never guess that her handbag is a lap top one and has many additional functions, which allows using her devices without being interrupted. But after you visit our site no secrets will remain and youíll be able to choose gadgets according to their working characteristics and your own style.
Who knows, may be later youíll surprise your boy-friend and be able to give him some advice.

Gadgets for fun - Philips MiraVision is one of the most unusual and strange model of TV sets. If you havenít seen something like that before... The first idea to come into oneís mind while looking at this construction is its similarity with dentistís chair... This Virtual Keyboard is a real space-age gadget.... Everybody knows that reading can be harmful for oneís eyes when there is not enough light.... Are you sick and tired of occurring everywhere advertisements? ... Nowadays everybody is sick and tired of miniaturization. .. This popular game gadget was created for persons who like poking fun at their friends or close people... What sounds or melody do your guests hear when they push the bell-push? ... - I knew I could keep my promise to talk more about Ask.... If they jettison the butler, who will hold down the fort when the office is empty? ... In December 2005, Siva Vaidhyanathan says Google is jumping the fair-use shark. ... Whatís the takeaway lesson, other than the shark-jumping meme may have jumped itself? ... Earlier this week I found out that Gary Price is leaving Search Engine Watch to go to Ask as Director of Online Information Resources. ... appreciate BMWís quick response on removing JavaScript-redirecting pages from BMW properties. ... - Forget toothpaste. Now itís time to put some flavor in your life with ... Other notable entries were DustMate shoes which not only let you walk around with ... It seems that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spreading the rootkit love ... Sanyo has introduced the latest additions to its Diply line of voice recorders, and both ... LED technology is so cheap that now you can throw it away. So the Graffiti Research Lab has dreamed up ďLED Throwies... Though weíve shown you images of the HTC Star Trek cellphone before... Weíve seen an overabundance of iPod docking speakers, ...Oops, this is somebodyís big mistake. It looks like a 67 year old womanís Freeview... If I was young enough to have had this product when I swam lap after ... - MAKE blog has a double-dose of intertainment for Music ... Super gadgets for always in reviews.
Interesting gadgets:
Truth machine
Vacuum cleaner for keyboard
Grill thermometer
Make your training better

Total miniaturization
The analysis of modern gadgets market has shown that producers all over the world tend to develop smaller and smaller samples of tech staff. The shelves are full of lightweight laptops, miniature video cameras, tiny cells, PDA, portable radio sets, computer mice, mp3 players, etc. These are sometimes even smaller than price stickers!
There is no doubt that such small models look more attractive. Moreover, the first thing potential customers pay their attention to is toolís design. This fact becomes one more the reason that stimulates gadgets developers to come out with miniature samples on the gadgets market. Fortunately, modern technologies allow miniaturizing gadgetsí sizes.
As a result of global miniaturization mechanical buttons were substituted by touch pads which become more and more popular among gadgets users.
In fact, some specialists consider that such tendency has its weak points. They mean that the miniaturization can affect functionality and general gadgets quality. The way they propose to settle the matter is a kind of compromise. It means that developers should take into consideration both aspects: functionality and design.
For instance, Apple iPod Mini is considered to be a good solution of this problem. Its developers managed to combine both characteristics and the device became one of the most popular. One can easily put it into his pocket and carry all day along. The size of its display allows using it without straining oneís eyes. At the same time it remains absolutely functional and can contain up to 1000 songs.
On the other hand, sometimes gadgets developers overdo when trying to make the devices smaller. And even people who make choice themselves and purchase miniature mobile phones sometimes get irritated because their sizes. They say that itís rather tricky to hold one of these in oneís hands. The other problem is connected with buttons usage. When the phone is too small, buttons are situated close together and often one has to dial for several times to get replay. Especially itís rather problematically when one use the phone in hurry or simply driving a car.
As a matter of fact, the majority of users prefer compact models. Nevertheless, the standard-size phones are more popular among American customers than clamshell cellphones because of buttonsí sizes.
When speaking about mp3-players, we can mention that there are plenty of samples which are as thin as 50 cent coin. Unfortunately, they feature too small display and this fact becomes one of its disadvantages. Some users might have bad eyes, and in this case they wonít be able to enjoy using of tool like this.
So, the conclusion is obvious: gadgets should be compact but they shouldnít loose their functionality. Itís difficult but possible to achieve. But this is the developersí headache.

Sexual energy and gadgets
Human beings always had a strong desire to get something unique. There exist several human basic needs. One of them is the desire to differ from others. Each person chooses his or her own way to be different. Some people prefer dressing in eccentric way; the others are extravagant in their behavior, the thirds join different organizations, sects, communities.
The high-tech industry offers one more solution how one can emphasize his or her specialness. Almost every day they invent new samples of high-tech stuff. Some of producers claim that the speed of renovation is even higher. Today we can hardly find a modern man who is not aware of gadgets market. The interest is still growing. The hundreds of gadget-blogs compete with each other for usersí attention. Almost each menís magazine has gadgets column. By the way, women arenít less interested in this subject.
In fact, we think that there exists a kind of connection between sexual energy and permanent desire to purchase. In fact, both of them are of the same nature.
When choosing the partner, people hope that he or she will be the best one. They get a real pleasure of watching their better halves. When you are in love you admire everything in your partner: eyes, lips, hands, body, the way hi or she eats, speaks, his or her habits, even those bad. You feel the sexual energy with every fiber in your body.
The same situation is when you dream of getting something material. The desire to posses dominates over everything. You can spend hours looking at the latest model of mobile phone, video camera, laptop or any other gadget. Itís like a romance which begins since you see it for the first time. You begin looking for additional information, scanning all the details, admiring its shape and design.
The sorrow you feel before you get enough money for purchasing a device is sweet. You know that there will be a day when youíll be able to afford the device of your dreams and you imagine how much pleasure youíll get of using this. The emotions you feel are much alike sexual ones.
The matter is that gadgets designers, developers and producers usually take into consideration all these facts. They know that sexuality is the main thing that affects peopleís behavior. They use it in gadgetsí advertising, design, promotion. Actually we donít have any objection to their actions. In fact, they do our life more beautiful, sexual and high-tech progressive.

Women and Gadgets
They say: No Discrimination! Bat when talking on a gadgets subject, they prefer discussing this in menís company only. Of course, we donít pretend to be experts in this so-called male territory. Anyway, sometimes itís rather offending when our opinion isnít taken into account.
Fortunately, gadgetsí producers have realized that women make a big part of potential customers. Moreover, statistical data has shown that the biggest part of general expenses is borne exactly by women. Thatís why todayís gadgets market canít exist without models designed special for ladies. Do such samples differ much? The first thing we pay attention to is design. Today groups of designers and marketing specialist have joined their efforts to guess: What women want.
Itís no doubt that they have set rather difficult problem to solve. But the game is worth the candle.
As a result of their work many pink, red, blue gadgets have recently appeared. Today, nobody can be surprised by pink laptop or mobile phone decorated with flowers. Actually, we think that not all the representatives of fair sex are fond of such gadgetsí design. Anyway, there is nothing bad that they are in demand. As it well known, tastes differ. How else do gadgets differ? We suppose that girlsí tools might have fewer functions than ones for stronger sex. Moreover, we are not sure if men use at least a half of their high-tech toysí possibilities. They just probably like realizing the fact of their domination (jokingly).
Ok, jesting aside. Gadgets do play a great role in modern womanís life. We can say that she begins and finishes the day with gadgets around her. To cook a good breakfast she needs house appliance. To make her toilet she also needs special electronic devices. We donít even mention computer and cell phone that are useful both for business and entertainment.
There exists a special gadgetsí category women are interested in too. As a matter of fact, men usually even donít guess that ladies also can purchase Ö spy gadgets. It happens, because ladies also want having control over their children and husbands. To control internet access they install Web-guard timers, to control their children they use child-monitoring systems. If their ďchildrenĒ have already drive license they try to set the control over the speed they drive at. To be sure in their marriage-bed ladies use spy gadgets.
So, there are enough things to think over.

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