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Jacob and Co Famous Among the Famous
As a kid Jacob Arabo was passionate about jewelry. Growing up in Russia at the age of 16 he immigrated to the United States to improve his knowledge. He enrolled in a course of jewelry designing and his abilities were instantly appreciated.

Soon the talented lad began working in the famous Diamond District of New York. He created his own exclusive pieces for several jewelry firms as well as for private clientele. His own workshop was opened in 1986. Jacob worked under the brand name Jacob and Co.

The period of the mid 1990s marked a new page in the history of Jacob and Co when various famous and up coming artists from the world of music became passionate about the creations of the brand. The recommendations came from famous people from musical business such as Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige. The musical industry is one of the main suppliers of the brand's products today.

Jacob soon thought of creating his own watch line and in 2002 the company launched The Five Time Zone Collection. The timepieces from this collection had a special technology linked with showing the multiple time zones on the watch.

The models from his collection can be found on the wrists of famous people such as: Sir Elton John, David Beckham, Bono, Naomi Campbell and many more. The beautiful and various designs of the timepieces attracted men and women which allowed the company to expand its activity in this field.

The company later created several timepieces with 2 or 3 time zones and its brand new Automatic Chronograph. The latter proved the fact that the brand is moving towards the creation of complicated timepieces. The brand's name expanded even lager since the Chronograph was designed for both men and women.

After conquering the fashionable segment of the watch market the brand thought of turning attention to the complicated timepieces. This is why later in 2005 Jacob and Co introduced its first limited edition watches entitled "World Firsts". The latter were designed for men.

The company also launched a collection called Rainbow Tourbillon. The 2005 limited edition collection has timepieces that are made of diamond or non-diamond eighteen carat white, yellow or rose gold cases. The watch gained a status of "world first" because it included a tourbillon device along with multiple time zone mechanism.

The company continues to create complicated timepieces for men and women. Some watches of the famous brand can be found at an on-line shop. The problem of the expensive price for the watch is solved since now you can be the wearer of a replica Jacob watch. Each timepiece is brilliantly copied so you could enjoy its look and performance.

Every replica Jacob watch represents a combination of high-quality movement, great design and what is most important is the price which is mush lower than the genuine watch. Wearing a replica Jacob watch will improve your individuality and outline your unique style. The on-line shop allows you to choose any replica Jacob watch you desire.

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