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Chopard A Brilliant Mixer of Jewelry and Watchmaking
The foundation of Chopard dates back to 1860 when Louis-Ulysse Chopard decided to create pocket watches and chronometers. Along its history the company never stopped creating unique and marvelous timepieces. In the following century the company was bought by a jeweler and a businessman Karl Scheufele. In 1963 came up with the idea of creating under one brand both jewelry and watch-making businesses.

The aim of Karl Scheufele was to take both fields to new dimensions and set new standards in both jewelry and timekeeping. He constructed a production factory in Meyrin-Geneva. Thus in 1975 Chopard entered a new era. Only in a year the company became famous thanks to its Happy Diamonds Collection. Later it launched a new well-known collection entitled Gstaad. Since 1988, when Chopard made a partnership with Mille Miglia, the company annually launches the limited collection of Mille Miglia.

In the decade before 21st century, Scheufele's two children became involved in the family business. The monitored the two divisions of the company: jewelry and watch-making. An important fact for the company was marked in 1996 when a movement factory was built in Fleurier. The movement named L.U.C was created the following year.

Three years later Chopard began unveiling its famous and highly-appreciated collections. First there was the L.U.C Sport collection, introduced in 1999 followed by the Toneau in 2001, then followed some collections for ladies. These collections started with 1950s La Strada and continuing with the new Pushkin and Ice Cube collection. The recent masterpieces of Chopard are rich in colors and marvelous shapes.

When creating its timepieces and jewelry the company pays much attention to the details. Each gem or diamond is hand-picked, polished and later the smooth and sensual stone is placed on the finished product which is why the jewelry and timepieces from Chopard are seen on the wrists and necklines of many famous persons for all over the world.

Chopard was also a partner of the Cannes International Film Festival. It provided various celebrities with jewelry each year. Today it continues to prove that Chopard is one of the best brands in the world of luxury and watchmaking.

If you cannot afford buying the genuine timepiece there's a perfect alternative called Chopard replica watch. The design of every Chopard replica watch is accurately copied so you could enjoy the look of your favorite brand. The mechanism of a Chopard replica watch is also created in a way to precisely show the time. Chopard replica watch is the perfect choice for you since the high-quality movement and the brilliantly copied design are mixed with a low price, so you won't have to worry about spending a huge sum of money.

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